Mena Ev Show 2023

The MENA EV SHOW 2023 is an upcoming conference and exhibition that will be held from the 27th to the 28th of September 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event aims to bring together thought-leaders, creators, and innovators from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s electric vehicle sector, as well as from around the world, to explore sustainability through innovation and experience.

World Cybercon Conference 2023

As we progress into an era of dynamic global connectivity, the need for cyber security is more evident now than ever before. With the level of sophistication and complexity of cyber-crimes evolving rapidly, it is no longer just a concern but a necessity to be aware of the destructive ability of cyber threats and be readily equipped to deal with the consequences of potential attacks. In this time of digital supremacy, cyber security is no longer just a function of Information technology but has moved into becoming a major part of organizational governance and an integral part of every company structure.


A data governance event is a gathering that focuses on the importance, challenges, and best practices of data governance within organizations. These events bring together professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders in the field of data management. During a data governance event, attendees can expect to participate in a variety of activities. This may include keynote presentations, panel discussions, workshops, case studies, and interactive sessions led by experts with hands-on experience in data governance. These sessions cover topics such as data governance frameworks, data stewardship, data quality, data privacy and security, data architecture, and regulatory compliance.

Low Code No Code Summit 2023

The Low Code No Code (LCNC) Summit is a specialized event focused on the emerging trends and technologies in the field of low-code and no-code development. This summit brings together professionals, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are interested in exploring the benefits and possibilities of these rapid application development approaches.

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